Inspired by Kryon

Speak to your body and your cells and your structure. The old paradigm of your old soul according to today’s inspiration by Kryon. You can speak to your old story, the very nature of all you have been and you can change it. Your relationship to everything changes everyday. Is there ascension of the soul while still in the body? What are the practical applications of this shift? Are there Masters living among us already who are ascended in the body and in hiding?

Our perception can be so narrow that we completely miss these miracles because our brain could not wire our physical eyes to recognize them. We cannot be aware of all the infinite possibilities existing all around us all the time. But with new revelations and radical, new ideas comes the space to allow the possibilities. The magic and the mystery of the mind, the brain, and perception, our hearts and our full-body system.

What does it mean to me to have the power and control to make drastic changes in beliefs and be open to co-creating with my higher self a physical being of longevity and the releasing of the need to die?

Perhaps my extremes of rampant suicidality and attempts to leave this body in my early years will be matched by the opposite of its extreme, resting in an excitingly long and vibrant body life on this planet. Perhaps I will find a peace in the chaos of the uncertainty often associated with this life and chose to laugh my way through the next hundred or two hundred years.

Perhaps I will chose to change the vocabulary related to aging and return the honor back to those now known as “elders.” I can create words and concepts that do not exist yet and get out of the boring and overly-used jargon. Let us call them “the honors, the wisdoms, the prepareds, the experienced…” Not “the elderly.” Let us give them back the power to continue aging as beauty. Let us teach them to “age backward, to celebrate their cellular structure, to tap into the divinity within their ageless wiseness, and to continue learning of their own power within.” Let us take away the fears, judgments, and dishonoring currently associated with “getting old!” And teach our children to realize the journey of life is a gift that encompasses the good, the bad, the ugly, and the glittery rainbow. Let us “inter-generationalize” society.

Let us teach our children that they are Masters already and that they have the right to create whatever life they want. You don’t have to go through lifetimes and lifetimes of experience anymore. We have come to a collective saturation level of suffering experiences that we are now open to the possibility of lifetimes and lifetimes of LOVE. We are worthy of this. We have never been not worthy of love. But we were convinced we had to learn through suffering first.

Times have evolved.

What does it mean to consider a life without suffering? Many will argue that its just not possible. And that is the gap in space, time, belief, and consciousness where you will find the most astronomical potential for transformation. For in that void, the most energy is being drawn.

Are you willing to pioneer forward into that void?

I am interested in your ideas and heart thoughts so I am open to emails or comments with anyone willing to have friendly, loving conversations with the hope of connecting with other soul journeyers and igniting passions about these subjects.

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What If We Were Never Too Big or Too Small?

Don’t follow rigid rules created outside of you. They take you away from your own truth.

Who says you must have 8 hours of sleep? If you don’t then there’s something wrong with you? Don’t listen to that misleading drive to keep you in someone else’s idea of what’s right! Who says?

Who says you should weigh a certain amount and that’s what is healthy for you to maintain the rest of your life? What about cycles of change and spirals of experience? You get to decide what’s right for you. Only you can hear the voice of your soul within. You know when you have gone too far in one extreme or the other. You know when you need to ask for help. You know what foods make you feel best and you know you are worthy of your best for yourself.

Let go of the idea that you need to fit into some sort of mold. Ask yourself who’s approval am I trying to earn by trying to be other than what I am in this moment.

This society is always trying to change those beautiful souls who don’t fit into mainstream everything! Instead of embracing everyone exactly as they present themselves.

What would it look like if we didn’t try to change everyone who wasn’t perfect in the eyes of this society?

What would happen if we accepted each and every being as a perfect soul in a perfect body right from birth?

What if we saw them as wisdom teachers and asked them to teach us how to embrace them the best way for them? Instead of thinking that we had to teach them how to live amongst us?

What if we saw each person and animal as a sovereign being with their own unique universe who’s beauty lay in the diversity and strangeness of their personal creations?

What if we stopped comparing ourselves to others, accepted ourselves fully, and went out and did the things we wanted to do, knowing we can do anything we put our minds to…?

What if we were born experts and were allowed to remember everything our soul has learned before this life?

What if we were encouraged to be wild, crazy, joyful, and spontaneous? And we were accompanied by our parents in doing it!?!

What if we were never too big or too small, and that we energetically expanded enough to encompass all states of being, without judgment, and knew that we were loved unconditionally?

Ego says that’s just not possible in this life on this planet.

Soul says it is perfectly possible and will happen…

We must hold space for both, in a timeless stillness.

And begin by re-parenting our own selves with our own ideals.


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I AM ME Again

An incredible shift happened for me today, when I returned to doing the guided meditations I had forgotten all about.  Thank you to James Van Praagh for creating these amazing meditations.  I found my vibration raise, my intentions clearer, and I found myself returning to the true me, who has been lost for a while, hiding behind childhood beliefs that people do not truly love me.

After this block and untrue belief was removed through the Living with Love meditation, I found my old sense of stability in the Universe.  I found a renewed anchor in the truth that I can manifest whatever it is I want.  I remembered that I did not have to save the world and that my path is as valid as the next person’s.  I felt the relief of detaching from all the world’s problems and that I do not have to feel burdened by anyone else’s issues.

I craved fruit all day, I planned events I can look forward to, and set up my calendar to remind me of all the wonderful things I will be doing that bring me joy.  I took a step back from the problems I thought I had and that I had given all my power over to.  I even went for a jog!  Finally!  It was an excellent day.  I thank the Universe, and myself especially, for not giving up, even when I felt like I could no longer hang on to deal with the pain of this reality.  I thank all my angels, archangels, guides, and loved ones, here and on the other side of the veil.

This meditation was magical, as it showed me how closely love is surrounding me.  It also allowed me to see that my connection to the other side is even stronger than it was.  The veil is getting thinner for me and all my clair-senses are heightened.  It was revealed to me that my acceptance and joy of my “imagination” has increased my awareness to another level and that many people cannot even grasp what I have come to accept.  I have advanced and I am the only one who knows it, in this reality.

Many people will see me as crazy, others will try to diagnose me with some mental illness, and others with head injuries.  But I know who I am.  And I do not fit into any category.  Is that called an anomaly?  Yes.  It is also known as One who is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.  Ha.  From here on out, I will live as ME.  I AM, is all the rage.  I’ll go with that.  I know my peeps on the other side love me unconditionally and I no longer have to explain myself to the humankind.

Ahh, this is FREEDOM!


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Validation & Strength

Here’s a video, that however cheesy it may appear, fills me with unbelievable chills.  It fills me with an inner beauty that diffuses outwardly to my entire body and a knowingness that is palpable.  I am thankful for all the artists and believers out there who aid me in keeping the flame of passion for this alive!

Convergence 2012

Not only am I always moved to a higher place when listening to Enya, but I am also overwhelmed by the visual exquisiteness of the universe outside the planet Earth and the connection to all that I feel.  I am just as easily moved by the beauty surrounding me here on Earth, as well.

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Dream Art & Movie Inspiration

by Me 12/2011

I’ve been so full of ideas lately.  But I know I need to create more art in my life, so after 7 months of being completely dry of any art-creating, I started out with some baby steps (see above).  In addition, I have had the idea of creating my own tarot deck.  I was first inspired by an art group started on called Soul Collage or something.  I am not sure I will ever make it to one of their meetings, but they came up with the idea of making your own personal deck of collaged cards.  Then I thought of making my own tarot as I go along.  I do not want to make cards using the same old themes, I want to be more original, so I may focus them on dreaming…?  I do not know, but I think I will continue working on the ideas little by little and see what develops.

Just a few moments ago, I was greeted by a lovely email about a new meetup group called Intuitive Painting…woohoo!

Today’s horoscope on my phone: (always so relevant)

A recent disappointment or setback my have left you feeling disillusioned about a dream.  But you need your dreams, Libra.  They give you the great hope of fulfilling your true purpose here on Earth.  Your dreams are your most pure expression of yourself.  Don’t allow anyone to make you feel small or foolish for holding on to a special dream.  Even though you have not yet found success with it, you need to keep the passion burning.  This is an auspicious day for bringing a dream back to life.  Find a way to inspire yourself again.

I did manage to do a bit of self inspiring today, because each day is filled with little miracles.  I had been feeling disillusioned about what I had just been feeling total excitement from; reading and using The Secret.  The blast of fresh freedom air I had felt I gained from reading the book had sort of escaped my lungs after some personal setback punches in the chest in the last few weeks.  My enthusiasm seems to sway back and forth between total belief and uncertainty.  I woke up a few days feeling unsure as to whether I could keep up the new, strong beliefs I know will help my life become more balanced and abundant.  However, I managed to remember to find the kindness in my heart to allow myself the space to feel whatever it is that I needed to feel, with the knowledge that I can waver from my mighty inner warrior who is determined to arrive at the best place.  I am allowed to put down my unyielding shield and sit back on the bench of uncertainty.  It is in those times of ambiguity and uneasiness that I find the best teachers of wisdom within.  As strange as that sounds.  However, it must be done with kindness and as non-judgmentally as possible.  Too much judgment gets in the way of listening to one’s inner voice that knows exactly what you want and how to get there.

Back to today, after plenty of catch-up sleep, I had a friend visit, one who was there for me during my struggles with unemployment many times, and tried to help as much as possible.  I provided dinner and a movie.  It felt nice to give back.  And to share lottery tickets, so if one or the other wins that $173M on Saturday, we’ll be sharing it.  🙂

The movie was, of course, inspiring to me, since it was played on my tv, which I always create a bubble around and ask it to only show me positive messages and things that will help me on the path.  The movie is called, Our Idiot Brother, and sounded just like another totally goofy waste of time.  But it turned out to be a great movie, one that reminds us of the importance of honesty and being true to everyone out of love.  It is how I would like to live my life and continue to advance toward.  It was such a feel good movie that I think I will watch it again tomorrow night.  🙂

Our Idiot Brother Trailer:

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Act, Dream, Plan, Believe

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” ~Anatole France

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Message from John Holland

These words particularly move me since making a connection with Janice and Susan.  This is dedicated to you guys.  🙂

You Can Make a Difference

I’ve always been a connector. A connector is someone that brings people together with the foresight that they have a reason to meet. Even as a small child I would organize for two people to meet, knowing there was something that would benefit them. I continue to do this today. Why? Because, I feel that as a soul it’s part of my purpose to assist others, to help in any way I can. I move them to another level and in doing so help their soul evolve. Hopefully one day we’ll all be able to do this for each other. Sometimes, when I’ve orchestrated a meeting, people ask me: “What do you get out of it John?” I want nothing in return, but I get real pleasure when that meeting results in a new opportunity or some other less tangible benefit. When it’s my time to go to the Other-Side, I feel I will cross over with no regrets, because I did try to do everything in my power to affect change.

Do you remember a time in your life when a certain person came into your life, and changed your whole world or belief system? For all you know, they might have touched your life in a way that sent you in whole new direction on your spiritual path. Also, when people touch each other’s lives, they may never realize how the impact of that one interaction affects many other lives.

How can you touch another’s life in a positive way and why would you want to? Because I believe that’s what being a spiritual being in human form is all about. It’s about embracing life and living as a soul. It’s about learning, growing, loving, sharing, and constantly evolving with the time we have here.

Helping another creates a ripple effect that will touch more people than you’ll ever know. I helped an elderly woman the other day at the supermarket and she looked at me as if she was in shock that someone actually took the time to help her. She told me that she’d had such an emotional day, that my helping her gave her the boost that she needed. Maybe she passed on that positive attitude when she got home and someone else benefited. A simple act from an unexpected person, a stranger, and even children who are truly our best teachers can touch our lives in positive ways. Such acts nourish us with courage, hope, inspiration, strength, and often times direction. By touching lives – you’re touching miracles.

Sometimes, I know how hard it is to help someone else when you feel you cannot even help yourself. Doing so really does soothe your soul. Try it. As we are all unique, you’ll have a way to touch someone’s life in a way that may be totally different to someone else. Touching another life in a positive way is a personal thing, and it doesn’t have to be something big – even a smile can move a mountain. Sometimes it just comes to you or it could be as simple as a spontaneous kind gesture.

All I’m asking is to be conscious of helping another. You may be saying: “But, I’m just one person, what can I do?” You can’t change the world, but you can start by changing yourself. What ever is going on in the inside will be reflected on the outside. Everything in the world is based on the inner consciousness of man.

Always remember, that one person (that means you) can make all the difference. You are a soul, so believe and know that you do have power and you do matter in this collective universe.

John’s Lesson

I want to take this time now to THANK everyone for your support this year. If I have helped in some small way, if I have opened a door for you to discover and understand your own soul, or if I helped you to know that we do all go on and that love is everlasting – then I feel I have done my job.

Please also remember this holiday season that your loved ones will be around you, so honor them, talk about them, and bring out the pictures. You might just get that sign you were hoping for or they may surprise you in a different way.

This is my last newsletter for 2011 and I want to wish you all the best this holiday season and look forward with new hope and enlightenment in 2012!

Your loved ones are and always will be – just a thought away!

Thank you, John, for my morning inspiration today!

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