I slid across it like a
sheet of glass
I swept across it like a
new kitchen floor
I lie on it now with the ice of exhaustion
although my sleep is warm
upon its bite
I shiver where it encounters me
trying to steal my heat
while it melts beneath me
I fall off of it like an
an avalanche seeking steady ground
I hold it in my palm
while it pinches me with cold
freezes me with warmth
It seeps in like a
melody often heard
like a rock through a sieve
I see through it like a
pane of glass
like a brick wall
You can see it in my eyes
through the bars of the prison to my soul
It is the history you’ll never read
It is the wealth of my being
But it remains a secret for me
to study
It remains a secret to all
And it has no name

By Devon Heart Star 1/10/99

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