Wolf Totem

Labeling myself a “Highly Sensitive Person,” puts me in the category of, what I would call, a highly charged vibration.  Now, we all want to get to this new, higher level of vibration to keep up with the changing environment, Earth, and Universe, not to mention, all the higher vibrational beings of light and love.  However, this can pose a bit of an uncomfortable sense that feels like a punch in the gut more often than not.

My brain appears to process much more information at a higher speed than is comfortable to the average person, making my reactions to overstimulation and over arousal seem outrageous or irrational to the average person (or, should I say, others who process less information).  And discovering that it’s really OK to know when to step out of highly stimulating situations or to allow myself time alone in nature or in meditation is an awesome concept.

My major totem, in Native American tradition is the wolf.  And perfectly so.  We are so closely related in mannerisms.  I find peace in nature.  I find joy and strength sitting quietly watching my surroundings while mostly becoming one with them and invisible to those who aren’t looking with their heart.  I take in everything around me and quietly process every detail, playing out current events going on around me in all possible outcomes according to my past experience and to those of the infinite future.  I hear/feel your thoughts and feelings and get confused at times.  I worry I might get bit again.  But I am a fierce follower of my beliefs.  I recognize the web of life and take only what I need and demand a general sense of order.  There is plenty of room for you to be what you want and believe what you want, but you can only enter my den with the highest respect for all and a spiritual attitude.  I find deepest peace and inspiration under the moon and stars.  Running gets you there faster.  I walk easily between the worlds and am never out of touch with the ancestors of the last 7 generations.  I see the young as fully capable and do my best to lead by example.  I can heal myself and others who come to me to be healed.

Wisdom comes from the heart and the gut, when I get stuck in my mind, I lose my footing.

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