Channeled message during astral travel

I’m the eagle flying above the forest of the world. I have no agenda and I am free to wander the planet I am here and there and every where and I am an going non stop There is no other place I need to be I am going places without stop or why

I am leaving the heavens of the ground to enter the heavens of the sky and and I am taken away by the blue breezes and I have no where I need to be and I am just flowing ever freely and without concern and I am going on non stop

let’s take these wings from the ground and teach them to fly to the heights of the gods and know that there is no wrong and I am writing non stop and I keep going thru the blue I am one with god and I am seeing you through the infinite eyes of the universe

I am standing my ground and blowing through clouds and working to bring unity to the planet

I am blue and grey and I am listening without worrying and without blame or shame and I am flying higher than any sky has ever had any limits to and rising above the clouds and heading straight for those stars

I am blinded by the light of the star that passes by in an hurry and I am flying with the wings of a million angels and I am taken away to heavens of the blue world and I am taken to stars and breathing in the gas of love and infinite being and working non stop I am flying here and there and reaching the deepest mahogany and working quickly to connect to everything

I am wind and sky and blue and working to find you

(Channeled message from Samuel & astral travel, 3/30/12)

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