All That Is

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything to this blog, but today I’m going to write out of annoyance.  I guess there are worse ways to take out your frustrations and I am human, after all, so I don’t have to be cheery all the time.

Here’s my question and frustration…even if it should be thought of as a spiritual and philosophical question, looked at from an objective view, however, I cannot fully remove myself from the situation, nor do I find it easy to remove myself from any situation around me, often taking most things that don’t belong to me at all, as personal and directly effecting me.  So anyway, why is it that humankind continuously searches for a god or a higher source outside of themselves?  Why do some of us seek spiritual, medical, and physical healers outside of ourselves, almost sometimes without stopping?  What is it that has drawn us away from our true selves as knowing ourselves as perfectly healthy, happy, and whole?  Why do some of us incessantly seek for more and more answers outside of our own truth?

Everything we seek is right here within.  Everything we want to know or feel or understand is accessible within our own soul, if we would just STOP!  Just stop for 10, 15, 60 minutes, whatever!  We wander around with our mouths in the coffee shops trying to fulfill a desire through a temporary soothing man made elixir, our eyes are in the retail stores always searching out the next new thing that will temporarily make us happy, and our faces glued to screens that constantly divert our attention from the core of our desires.  We get so wrapped up in our worries and fears that we become blind to the magic and miracles happening right around us.  We wait for some perfect time of happiness to arrive at and feel disappointed when the numbers of our ages start rising, yet we haven’t yet reached the place at which we think peace is.

But all we need is right here!  The fact that all your trillion cells are working in functioning order together so that you can read this is a miracle.  The way the sun sets among the clouds, leaving a jungle of purples and pinks in it’s wake has an answer you are seeking.  The power you call upon when you are in desperation, is the same as what resides within you at your core.  When the wind blows your hair in one direction, that’s a message from yourself picked up and created by All That Is.  Because you are a part of All That Is.  All That Is is in everything.

Taking the time to sit in silence and connecting to your All That Is is a practice.  I am still learning it and still finding myself frustrated when I cannot hear my own truth.  But I know it’s there.

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One thought on “All That Is

  1. Well said. You should write more often when frustrated. 🙂


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