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For the last two nights, I have been woken up at probably exactly at 4 am.  Yes, that is morning, but it’s not like I sit right up and say, “Yes, it’s 4 am!”  It’s more like I wake out of sleep and half realize there’s still no light coming from behind the curtains and my eyes refuse to stay open more than a few seconds to check that.  Basically, I lay there wondering why…what is with 4 am?  Usually it happens more frequently during PMS and I have a bit of a hot flash that wakes me in a sweat and I have to quickly take off some layers of clothing and blankets, only to find myself feeling chilled again within a few minutes.  Oh, sweet hormones, how I love thee.  😉

But the last two nights have been peculiar.  The first I was awakened by a dream, perhaps.  I cannot be sure, because this time many people were talking to me.  I could hear distinct conversations being spoken to me.  These were not just ordinary conversations.  These people were trying to converse with me.  They seemed slightly desperate.  They seemed to all be trying to talk over one another so they could get their urgent information heard .  And to make it a truly unique experience, the woman who is teaching a new class I have started on psychic development and spirit communication was also there in my dream.  She appears to be aiding me in listening to the spirits.

Last night, I was also stirred awake in the same way, but the teacher was more prominent.  She was asking me direct questions that were suppose to aid me in focusing on the information being passed to me.  However, all I remember feeling was that there was too much information being given to me and I could not make sense of it.  There were just too many voices.  I think I remember seeing the people who were trying to communicate with me, as well.

Despite all this vivid recall, these precious visions were probably no more than split seconds long and my consciousness could not retain any of the words spoken at all.  The memory is visual and feeling and hearing, but no words remain.  Even while I lay there wishing I could go back.  The stomach pain took over more of my consciousness and the hot flash, too.  Then I lay there for hours, not willing to get up and meditate with the spirits (as suggested to me, since that is the time of high activity) and unable to get back to sleep.

Doors are opening.  Slowly.

I did probably get another half an hour of sleep before my alarm went off and I vividly remember another dream that was kind of wacky and crazy.  I am going to visit some close friends in DC this week and so they were first in my dream.  My two closest friends were driving and they stopped the car at an intersection.  It was a tiny, tiny car, like a smart car.  They both got out and told me to drive to the movie theater, that it was only up the street, and they would meet me there.  I was confused, but OK.  It was a standard car and I had never driven standard, so I was all over the place with the thing, having trouble with clutch and break, etc.  I nearly slammed into a plow truck at a stop light.  Finally I managed to pull over at a restaurant, unable to find the place they said to go, I don’t think I could maneuver the car that far.  So, I got out and went to the bar and I knew a lot of the people working there.  The special part of this dream was the vampire near the end.  She was breathtaking and seriously ready to bite.  I have never dreamed of vampires before.  Exciting.

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