Message from John Holland

These words particularly move me since making a connection with Janice and Susan.  This is dedicated to you guys.  🙂

You Can Make a Difference

I’ve always been a connector. A connector is someone that brings people together with the foresight that they have a reason to meet. Even as a small child I would organize for two people to meet, knowing there was something that would benefit them. I continue to do this today. Why? Because, I feel that as a soul it’s part of my purpose to assist others, to help in any way I can. I move them to another level and in doing so help their soul evolve. Hopefully one day we’ll all be able to do this for each other. Sometimes, when I’ve orchestrated a meeting, people ask me: “What do you get out of it John?” I want nothing in return, but I get real pleasure when that meeting results in a new opportunity or some other less tangible benefit. When it’s my time to go to the Other-Side, I feel I will cross over with no regrets, because I did try to do everything in my power to affect change.

Do you remember a time in your life when a certain person came into your life, and changed your whole world or belief system? For all you know, they might have touched your life in a way that sent you in whole new direction on your spiritual path. Also, when people touch each other’s lives, they may never realize how the impact of that one interaction affects many other lives.

How can you touch another’s life in a positive way and why would you want to? Because I believe that’s what being a spiritual being in human form is all about. It’s about embracing life and living as a soul. It’s about learning, growing, loving, sharing, and constantly evolving with the time we have here.

Helping another creates a ripple effect that will touch more people than you’ll ever know. I helped an elderly woman the other day at the supermarket and she looked at me as if she was in shock that someone actually took the time to help her. She told me that she’d had such an emotional day, that my helping her gave her the boost that she needed. Maybe she passed on that positive attitude when she got home and someone else benefited. A simple act from an unexpected person, a stranger, and even children who are truly our best teachers can touch our lives in positive ways. Such acts nourish us with courage, hope, inspiration, strength, and often times direction. By touching lives – you’re touching miracles.

Sometimes, I know how hard it is to help someone else when you feel you cannot even help yourself. Doing so really does soothe your soul. Try it. As we are all unique, you’ll have a way to touch someone’s life in a way that may be totally different to someone else. Touching another life in a positive way is a personal thing, and it doesn’t have to be something big – even a smile can move a mountain. Sometimes it just comes to you or it could be as simple as a spontaneous kind gesture.

All I’m asking is to be conscious of helping another. You may be saying: “But, I’m just one person, what can I do?” You can’t change the world, but you can start by changing yourself. What ever is going on in the inside will be reflected on the outside. Everything in the world is based on the inner consciousness of man.

Always remember, that one person (that means you) can make all the difference. You are a soul, so believe and know that you do have power and you do matter in this collective universe.

John’s Lesson

I want to take this time now to THANK everyone for your support this year. If I have helped in some small way, if I have opened a door for you to discover and understand your own soul, or if I helped you to know that we do all go on and that love is everlasting – then I feel I have done my job.

Please also remember this holiday season that your loved ones will be around you, so honor them, talk about them, and bring out the pictures. You might just get that sign you were hoping for or they may surprise you in a different way.

This is my last newsletter for 2011 and I want to wish you all the best this holiday season and look forward with new hope and enlightenment in 2012!

Your loved ones are and always will be – just a thought away!

Thank you, John, for my morning inspiration today!

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