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Well, this is my first blog ever!  Thanks to Nathalie for being the final inspiration for me to start one of these…I considered it after seeing Julie & Julia, such a cute movie…and then I often see my friends posting blogs on Facebook.  I decided that I’d begin today.  I often find myself coming up with endless ideas and questions that I’d like to share with others and see what they think about them.  Or I could just be happy brainstorming by myself, too.  I think I would just like a concrete a place to get concepts out of my head so I can make room for more thoughts and imaginative ideas.

Also, I’ve always wanted to work on my vocabulary, and this is a great way to start.  The thesaurus is a fun friend of the poet and often a necessity.  And, take, for example, those last two lines I wrote…they are filled with boring and limited vocabulary…like “great” and “fun.”  BORING!  LOL.  So, I’m going to start today.  A new word that I’m going to use more…….get ready…..I’m looking it up……The word of the day is….INORDINATE…it means very large.  Example:  There are an inordinate number of word combinations in the English language.  YAY!  Inordinate, try using it today!

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