Dealing With Inevitable Demolition In Life


Demolition Day

There’s no coincidence that I am here to hear it, maybe witness it at some point. And to be living practically next to it while it happens. It coincides perfectly with the demolition taking place within me.

The very walls and foundations of the places that I was last reborn into and found healing, solace, and community for the past 4 years, are being torn down to the ground and leveled. It is the cycle of life and it is necessary for the continued expansion of evolution. It is representative of the inner world, the immediate community, the larger world events on planet Earth, and the expanse of the Cosmos, continuously breaking down, expanding, contracting, and re-growing, reinventing itself.

We can blame the demolition within and around us on some outer factor or facet, because there are parts of us who feel controlled, not heard, scared, and angry that we will be losing an important part of who we have been and what we have been used to up until this point. We don’t want to face the chaos that ensues from the loss of a beloved and trusted story we have come to count on for so long.

However, if you look at it through another angle of the diamond, you will see another dimension of the story of the tower falling. A greater part of you has instigated that pesky outer factor or facet to “bring down the house,” in order to push you out of a comfort zone that has long worn a rut in the story of your soul, and that part of you is ready to grow.

The human part of you is not going to allow this to happen without a hefty tantrum or two, it won’t go down without kicking and screaming and intellectualizing why this is happening. Oh, don’t you worry, the human parts of us are very addicted to patterns and comfort. They don’t want to have to look themselves in their own eye and make difficult changes. They don’t want to die either! And that’s what it can feel like to them.

But as we take our baby steps toward merging our greater and more loving selves with our humanness, we are guided to find a comfortable seat in the chaos and the mystery of demolition. Our higher selves want to teach us to really lean in to the safety within and to release the next layer of fears coming up to be healed. We need to find trust in our situation, no matter what new emotional battles are raging within.

Because, if you tune into the energy of demolition and endings, you will feel the illusion and particles of the 3D world simply being rearranged, with a little force, at times, since you’re probably clenching so tightly onto something, unwilling to let it go. It’s a time to go inward and to really look at the world you have created. It is a time of reflection. While things are being demolished. It is not a time to make desperate maneuvers or decisions to try to replace what is going down. It is not a time to cling helplessly to anything that seems like it might help.

It will be much less painful if you agree to let it go and to not fight off the feelings that come with releasing a beloved way of being. Grief, fear, anxiety, loneliness, anger, uncertainty, stress, etc…

It’s best to let the mystery play itself out and trust that in due time, the next best things within you, your community, the world, and the Cosmos will begin whispering to you from your heart.

Don’t rush it.

~Devon TwoWolves StarWalker (aka Heart Star)

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Dive Into Your Eternalness


The rawness of vulnerability. When the heart is fully open to all of its eternalness, it can appear to the unawakened world that there is something wrong with you. When you can sit deep in the ocean of emotion and surrender to the potential drowning that your programming tells you to fear, you will find the gills of the true breath of vitality begin to grow in your heart lungs.

The depth of power that you will find deep within your drowning heart cannot be matched by any artificial drug or avoidance tactic outside of yourself. When you let go of your bouncing buoy being pushed around on the surface of your eternal ocean, the place you avoid fully dropping into out of the sheer fear of leaving your comfort zone and getting lost, you finally can stop trying to make shit happen.

Let go of your perceived safety net. Let the waters pull you down. Give up your resistance to dying, to being overwhelmed. You are going to die. You have and are dying all the time. A part of your existence is begging you to let it go, to help it to release its grip on your life force energy. You are a force of light and dark combined, and you have the LOVE within you to survive ANYTHING!

Allow your rawness to be the dock that walks you out to the middle of that uncharted ocean. Gather up all the scared parts of you who may be screaming in absolute terror of the water, and jump in. Give up your false persona that thinks it’s controlling your life and allow the eternalness of your Heart-Soul to blow your perceptions wide open and to guide you where you will find a deeper healing and Love than you even have perceptions to try to understand right now!

Me and my Heart-Soul can guarantee that you will NOT drown. Your human-self will feel like you are going to die for sure and you must let it. You are ending a dimension of yourself that may have been functioning on that level through millenia and multiple versions of your consciousnesses in different bodies. Instead of worrying about dying, honor the story that it has been continuously living out, give it a proper death and thank it for the survival determination energy it has provided you with up to this point, and let it die! You are ready to release any old energies that are keeping you from the next level of who you want to be, as a Soul living as a body.

Then GRIEVE! Grieve the fuck out it! Let those old-ass energies out of your universal water-ers! Let those waters of pain do their job! Stop letting some fake-ass society shame you for using all of your emotions as they are meant to be used during this upgrade! Tears make way for the fires that will rocket fuel you into the life you truly desire and the LOVE you know you deserve!

Be fucking raw! You will learn to breathe directly through your Heart, no matter where you find yourself. There is no situation that you cannot survive. You have been doing it through the multiverses for millenia.

I am here for you if you are ready for the transformation you can feel pushing up from within you and need support!

~Devon Heart Star 5.18.19
Soul Guidance & Empowerment
Embodying The Cosmic Shaman

Underwater Art by Harry Fayt

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Emancipate Your Soul’s Full Expression!


Life is so short. It’s such a fucking transient experience. It’s moving through a body form. It’s here and then it’s gone. Why are you going to hold yourself back from the experiences your heart desires? Why are you going to let worries stop you from doing all that you wish to do?

If you’re too afraid to make mistakes, fail, fall, get hurt, or hurt others (unintentionally), you’re going to settle and miss out on amazing experiences that will help keep your vitality flowing through your veins and your energy field, the experiences that will keep you young and vibrant and fully alive until your last breath. Rather than dying slowly in your body before your life force actually does leave the body to continue on to its next form.

Wouldn’t you rather experience all that this physical life has to offer? Wouldn’t you rather know when you are taking your last breath, that you are proud of yourself, you did all that you wanted to do and none of it was perfect, you loved authentically and not perfectly, and you can close your cosmic eyes to this life without regrets or needing to apologize for anything?!

How liberating would that be? How much freedom do you need to feel your life force wisdom rising within, aligning the physical with the ethereal and the spirit of who you are? When are you going to emancipate your soul’s full expression from all the stories and lies that keep you from your sovereign rights to thrive, to be fully alive, to add your impressive energy to the world??? You are needed!

This life is so short. Do you want to live it to its max potential and beyond? There is ALWAYS a way.

~Devon Heart Star 5.14.19

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The Lake of Stillness Within


Today’s intuitive barometer: the longing for stillness. There’s a deep inner longing for the Soul to find respite within. Do you want nothing more than to sleep for a week? And to lavish in the luxury of your loving blankets in bed? There’s been such incredible shifting in your healing and moving electric body energy, that the high vibration of your future self you are becoming, is yearning deeply for time for integration.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to rest into the depths of your Soul. It’s not wrong to sleep for days on end and to take a break from caffeine and energy foods. In fact, your physical body relishes in resets, it thrives on detoxes and one-day fasts. The wholeness of who you are celebrates the gloriousness of being wrapped in your comforter reading a book that excites you or watching movies that make your heart soar!

You can feel the disconnect between needing to force yourself to go to work for another day, while your Soul knows there are better ways to thrive than having one foot in the matrix and one foot in authenticity.

These intuitive hits can only come from the lake of stillness within.

Go find your beautiful cemetery lake within, that holds the knowledge of the ultimate state of rest; that of being dead. The cemetery is where you can walk the worlds of life and death. Where the only state of keeping life is your breath. The same breath that can take you to the other worlds, and drop you into the lake of stillness within. You are a multidimensional being. Take advantage of all that has to offer.

The deeper you breath, the deeper the stillness within.

Honor the calling of your Soul to be able to reach the consciousness of your body by finding the stillness that awakens your life force within.

~Devon Heart Star 5.10.19
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Photo is a card from Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer

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The Tower and The Star

Current intuitive barometer: The Tower and The Star.

There is a continued rumbling under the surface of everything you have built your life upon. The crystals and the heat are rising from the core. Even the foundations you thought you so wisely built underneath your structures are already gone. They have been swept up by this guzzling center of the Earth, the center of you.

The star of yourself and the vast expanse of who you are isn’t being fully expressed in your physical world. The place of manifestation between the power of strength and stable Earth legs and the ethereal expression of your Soul. There’s a massive rumbling coming up from below you to wake you to all that is no longer the dream you want to manifest.

There’s only a story standing between you and the next level of what you desire. And it will come crashing down if you don’t allow yourself to walk across the coals of your old life. Sometimes we have to be burned in order to land on our own two feet.

If there’s a weariness in your body, call upon all the whispering ancestors to blow their wisdom in your ear. Slow down and be quiet enough to hear the messages of your Heart, the place where the disconnect is being felt. Feel the Soul of yourself supporting you through the calibration.

It only hurts if you fight it. It only hurts to your wounded past selves who keep you from imagining anything other than pain.

It’s time to release the ground and walk upon the stars being placed in front of you.

A balance between earthly and heavenly will manifest you solid.

~Devon Heart Star 5.1.19

Embodying The Cosmic Shaman

Soul Guidance & Empowerment

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Twinning Before Reunion with Your Twin Flame


People fall in love with me only because I become them
They feel like they are with themselves
so they get exactly what they want
They can relax fully into their purest selves
because I become a twin to them
and they see exactly want they need
in my reflection of them
I become who they need me to be
and sometimes that feels ok to me
and other times, it feels abusive and unfair
The only thing that this has taught me
is to see within myself
all the places that I am my own best friend
and all the places that I am neglecting to love myself
The only time this twinning to others has not been absorbed
and affected me emotionally
is when I have been diligently working within
when I have been actively taking self-care
as my primary focus
and when I have been creating relationships with
all the parts of me
The moment I loose track of daily nurturing of my
inner relationships
the outside world reflects back to me
the screaming parts within
who are waiting in agony for my attention
and love
And instead of being solid within myself
loving all the emotions of an ascending sacred being
being able to hold the sacred container of unconditional love
for all of my parts
and therefore, holding up the mirror of shining infinite possibilities
and authentic wholeness of radiant beings that we are
toward others,
I fall back into lack, disarray, and grief
unable to remember who I truly am
Instead of twinning with the vibrancy of our life force,
and radiating the brightness of the other back at each other,
staying detached and safe within myself,
I clutch on to other’s lifeboats
thinking I’ll just become them
and be safe once again
This twinning is a beautiful and challenging gift
of one who is a Twin Flame
It is the we who is looking for the us
It is our whole Soul searching for our other half
because we chose to separate off
to learn through our own lessons
And this time, we have incarnated into the same
physical reality
We have cleared so many other timelines together
And this time, we cannot rest until we learn
what we need to learn
to be reunited
So this twinning goes beyond the mind of any human
and any negative theory
because we are trying on each energy of the Souls around us
until we plug in to our Twin
If we know that we cannot be with our Twin
we will twin up with the Soulmates
who will be the catalyst for growth that we need
in order to be ready for the real Twin
Everything in life becomes a lesson
in preparation for reunion
When I am not taking care of my within
and being my own biggest lover
I am searching for the pure reflection of myself
through the halls
of mirrors
of the eyes
around me
who can only exist outside of me
when I can fully
love the beauty of my own reflection
My Twin is me,
so how can I love them
if I am not loving me
~Devon Hear Star 4.27.19
Embodying The Cosmic Shaman
(I had to embody the cosmic shaman as a step toward my wholeness)
Soul Guidance & Empowerment
(learning to listen to your own soul’s guidance is learning to empower yourself to get through the challenges and lean into the teaching of the unknown you’ll be doing as a Twin Flame)
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The Path of Self-Love

Can you believe I thought that I was ugly back when I took this photo a few years ago!? I am so grateful for photographs, so I can look back and see how hard I was on myself. When I look at old pictures I can see such a beautiful person longing for her own self-love. I can see the sadness that still lingered under the surface of her desires to feel beautiful, due to a mean and degrading inner punisher voice that has kept her from ever allowing the thought that she is already, and has been, a beautiful, worthy, and lovable person who brings a lot of love, healing, and joy to others around her.

The path of learning self-love is no joke. Self-love isn’t just patting yourself on the back for the good things you have done or taking a salt bath occasionally. Yes, those things are part of the deal, but to truly learn to love yourself goes much deeper and beyond this dimension. Self-love includes diving deep. Deep into the Soul of who you are, all that you have experienced, and all the ways that you have expressed your life force. That includes the parts of you that you might want to deny exist. That includes the acceptance of the Shadow, the parts of you that hold onto pain or have seemed ugly to you. The parts of you that hurt, that have hurt others, the parts that choke you with shame and tell you that you should give up and that there’s no way you deserve to exist and be loved exactly as you are.

The path of self-love and maturity into self-mastery includes embracing all of your parts and patterns, all of your desires, and owning the triggers that cause you to want to project them onto the world around you. It takes dedication and commitment to yourself. No one else can do it for you.

All of us are already the beautiful light of love we forgot we are. Being able to tenderly hold sacred space for each and every feeling and story we want to hold onto, is the re-parenting we desire within. It is probably one of the most challenging things you can do in your life at this time on the planet. All other outside challenges seem minor in comparison to the challenge of facing yourself honestly and authentically. Eventually, allowing yourself to deeply relax into the safety of yourself.

~Devon Heart Star

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Embodying The Cosmic Shaman

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When The Universe Laughs With You!!!


When the universe laughs and says, we are giving you exactly what you need, and you can feel the truth in that message raising the deepest gratitude within you. You can feel the joy flowing through your being and your essence starts laughing at all the satisfaction that is coming your way. The journey truly becomes the fun in life. Making each moment the important focus becomes your whole world. The things that bring you the most happiness and warmth within start filling your thoughts and you feel like you’re standing in front of a giant wave of all things abundance. You open your arms, your heart, and your soul in order to welcome the incoming inundation of all that you have only been imagining up to this point! You are ready to ride that wave with thrilling grace and a smile bigger than your face. Every cell in your body starts to light up and balance out any dysfunction, dancing with joy, so you can be fully prepared to take the next leveling up to its fullest potential.

More doors than you can count begin to open and you’ll know that you created each dream that’s behind each one. You’ll allow each shower of loving peace and inner tickling of your inner child so filled with elation to pour over you as you say YES! with wild conviction and pass through each opening door, until the entire wave splashes you with a new level of fullness of life that you’ve never known.

How often do you let the pure joy of the light that is meant to naturally emit from your cells to truly shine!? How often do you let it burst out of you and change the environment around you!? How often do you hide it, “face the facts,” and put your fear coat on, letting the starlight that makes you up dim down? How often do you let excitement lead your day?

Find what brings you to this level of pure joy and do that! Living isn’t just about achieving and reaching some perceived need of rules of perfection. You have all you need all around you. Why not make up new rules? Keep following your heart and trust that the universe has your back. You have your own back. You matter. And your dreams are valid. Go do what makes you shine!

~Devon Heart Star 4.10.19
Embodying The Cosmic Shaman
Soul Guidance & Empowerment

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You Are A Soul Leader!


How many of you are feeling the multi-level vibration of this total shifting in yourself and surroundings? How many of you feel like you’re experiencing a low-grade earthquake on a nearly-daily basis in much of your life? One that is reverberating deeply under all the ground that you have known, with its long, slow, traveling bellow. It feels like it is slicing, dicing, and breaking up every dimension’s previous footing.

It can feel like you are trying to leapfrog from one piece of ground still holding gravity that is floating around after being broken up. There is no more Fantasia. Although, it is not The Nothingness who is eating up the last of The Neverending Story, it is more The Void of Creativity that is asking you to let go and surrender.

Are you trying to recreate your previous selves when you are finding yourself in a whole new world that can no longer sustain those versions? Are you trying to grab onto the parts that are floating away in an anxious need to keep it the way it was? Do you feel like several versions of yourself are all on differing levels on the path spiraling around the center of who you are and it feels like you’ll never be unified as one whole 3D lump of coal you were so used to being?! You are not crazy.

You are a pioneer. You are a wolf. A leader. The wolf pack leader stays at the back of the pack. This spirit has the multidimensional ability to keep an eye on all possibilities. It holds the job of remaining the hub of that spiraling universe, holding together all the aspects that seem like they could never work together and makes all of it a part of the whole.

It takes pride in its mission to howl at the edges of the known territory, to look its Shadow in the face, and holds space for the next unknown leg of the journey. It is so in touch with Great Mother Earth, that it never doubts what The Great Star Nations whisper to it in the darkest night. Fearlessness runs through its veins.

Call on your Inner Wolf during this time when your Human spirit requires a strong ally, because Gmork is your friend, not your enemy. You’ll find you’ll be able to howl your way more confidently to the edges of the unknown before the leveling up on the path of your Sacred Purpose, knowing a leader is there for all the varying dimensions of their pack.

~Devon Heart Star 4.8.19
Embodying The Cosmic Shaman
Soul Guidance & Empowerment

art by David Penfound

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Coming Home to My Awakening Heart


I want to talk about grief today. And loss. Not because I am in some state of soul-wrenching pain, but because I have integrated grief into the whole of who I am and because today is my father’s birthday. It’s a day I haven’t been able to celebrate with him in the physical world for 25 years, as he passed unexpectedly when I was 14.

Grief, abandonment, and loss have been one of my life-long shamanic teachers. That’s what a Shaman is, the wounded healer, one who takes their most painful life lessons and turns them into healing and medicine teachings for others. This is the path my Soul chose to learn on; Death, and the deepest depth of darkest pain. I have continuously learned from it and how to alchemize into gold. It’s no walk in the park, as many of you have experienced for yourself. And now that I am reaching the age of 40 this year, have only begun to stop battling with the heartache and pain that comes from loss, and have left the comfort of staying in my wounds.

Being the fierce inner warrior I used to pride myself as surviving as, meant I truly found my own way through this murkiness, no one was going to tell me what to do or how to do it. I followed my shadowy inclinations and quiet sense of being drawn to what I needed, being fiercely independent, keeping myself from being vulnerable to other people (except the talk therapists). And at times, I ended up in shamanic crises that placed me in every type of “healing” situation you can imagine. My Soul, my Inner Shaman, knew exactly what it was doing, while the other Human parts of me felt like a victim to the world and to my Soul. I never wanted to be in this body, because it hurt so bad. Oh, I was also born as a highly sensitive little one, as well, to add to the challenges of my path.

The fragmentation of the wholeness of who I am, including Human, Soul, Spirit, Cosmic Dust Memories, Starseeds, and Divinity has been healing each and everyday that I consciously choose deeper Self-Love. The pain of grief is real. It is not something that will completely go away. It is not a shameful emotion that should always be hidden away. It is not something that should be shut down. However, we all have our own paths to learning from this life.

Now that I have healed and released much of the need to be a fierce inner warrior, who was always ready for battle, I have been able to open my Heart to allow the full vulnerability of my inner teenager girl who’s Heart was shattered in one instant, to be exactly what she is and to come forward with grace and confidence. In fact, she’s becoming a partner in my continual emotional maturing and she has infinite gifts to share with me as I get to know her more. I continue to learn to approach all of the emotional reactions that come up with love and curiosity, even of those I am afraid. I allow grief to flow out of me, or anger, or any other emotions. Sometimes in the privacy of my own room, of course.

I can feel the integration of all of my Soul parts who were lost in trauma worlds coming home to my awakening Heart. Awakening simply to Love. Love in ways I couldn’t understand until I was able to move out of trauma and surviving, so I could authentically begin THRIVING.

Would love to hear from you about your experiences and ideas around this subject!

~Devon Heart Star 4.4.19
Embodying The Cosmic Shaman
Soul Guidance & Empowerment

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