Inspired by Kryon

Speak to your body and your cells and your structure. The old paradigm of your old soul according to today’s inspiration by Kryon. You can speak to your old story, the very nature of all you have been and you can change it. Your relationship to everything changes everyday. Is there ascension of the soul while still in the body? What are the practical applications of this shift? Are there Masters living among us already who are ascended in the body and in hiding?

Our perception can be so narrow that we completely miss these miracles because our brain could not wire our physical eyes to recognize them. We cannot be aware of all the infinite possibilities existing all around us all the time. But with new revelations and radical, new ideas comes the space to allow the possibilities. The magic and the mystery of the mind, the brain, and perception, our hearts and our full-body system.

What does it mean to me to have the power and control to make drastic changes in beliefs and be open to co-creating with my higher self a physical being of longevity and the releasing of the need to die?

Perhaps my extremes of rampant suicidality and attempts to leave this body in my early years will be matched by the opposite of its extreme, resting in an excitingly long and vibrant body life on this planet. Perhaps I will find a peace in the chaos of the uncertainty often associated with this life and chose to laugh my way through the next hundred or two hundred years.

Perhaps I will chose to change the vocabulary related to aging and return the honor back to those now known as “elders.” I can create words and concepts that do not exist yet and get out of the boring and overly-used jargon. Let us call them “the honors, the wisdoms, the prepareds, the experienced…” Not “the elderly.” Let us give them back the power to continue aging as beauty. Let us teach them to “age backward, to celebrate their cellular structure, to tap into the divinity within their ageless wiseness, and to continue learning of their own power within.” Let us take away the fears, judgments, and dishonoring currently associated with “getting old!” And teach our children to realize the journey of life is a gift that encompasses the good, the bad, the ugly, and the glittery rainbow. Let us “inter-generationalize” society.

Let us teach our children that they are Masters already and that they have the right to create whatever life they want. You don’t have to go through lifetimes and lifetimes of experience anymore. We have come to a collective saturation level of suffering experiences that we are now open to the possibility of lifetimes and lifetimes of LOVE. We are worthy of this. We have never been not worthy of love. But we were convinced we had to learn through suffering first.

Times have evolved.

What does it mean to consider a life without suffering? Many will argue that its just not possible. And that is the gap in space, time, belief, and consciousness where you will find the most astronomical potential for transformation. For in that void, the most energy is being drawn.

Are you willing to pioneer forward into that void?

I am interested in your ideas and heart thoughts so I am open to emails or comments with anyone willing to have friendly, loving conversations with the hope of connecting with other soul journeyers and igniting passions about these subjects.

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What If We Were Never Too Big or Too Small?

Don’t follow rigid rules created outside of you. They take you away from your own truth.

Who says you must have 8 hours of sleep? If you don’t then there’s something wrong with you? Don’t listen to that misleading drive to keep you in someone else’s idea of what’s right! Who says?

Who says you should weigh a certain amount and that’s what is healthy for you to maintain the rest of your life? What about cycles of change and spirals of experience? You get to decide what’s right for you. Only you can hear the voice of your soul within. You know when you have gone too far in one extreme or the other. You know when you need to ask for help. You know what foods make you feel best and you know you are worthy of your best for yourself.

Let go of the idea that you need to fit into some sort of mold. Ask yourself who’s approval am I trying to earn by trying to be other than what I am in this moment.

This society is always trying to change those beautiful souls who don’t fit into mainstream everything! Instead of embracing everyone exactly as they present themselves.

What would it look like if we didn’t try to change everyone who wasn’t perfect in the eyes of this society?

What would happen if we accepted each and every being as a perfect soul in a perfect body right from birth?

What if we saw them as wisdom teachers and asked them to teach us how to embrace them the best way for them? Instead of thinking that we had to teach them how to live amongst us?

What if we saw each person and animal as a sovereign being with their own unique universe who’s beauty lay in the diversity and strangeness of their personal creations?

What if we stopped comparing ourselves to others, accepted ourselves fully, and went out and did the things we wanted to do, knowing we can do anything we put our minds to…?

What if we were born experts and were allowed to remember everything our soul has learned before this life?

What if we were encouraged to be wild, crazy, joyful, and spontaneous? And we were accompanied by our parents in doing it!?!

What if we were never too big or too small, and that we energetically expanded enough to encompass all states of being, without judgment, and knew that we were loved unconditionally?

Ego says that’s just not possible in this life on this planet.

Soul says it is perfectly possible and will happen…

We must hold space for both, in a timeless stillness.

And begin by re-parenting our own selves with our own ideals.


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I AM ME Again

An incredible shift happened for me today, when I returned to doing the guided meditations I had forgotten all about.  Thank you to James Van Praagh for creating these amazing meditations.  I found my vibration raise, my intentions clearer, and I found myself returning to the true me, who has been lost for a while, hiding behind childhood beliefs that people do not truly love me.

After this block and untrue belief was removed through the Living with Love meditation, I found my old sense of stability in the Universe.  I found a renewed anchor in the truth that I can manifest whatever it is I want.  I remembered that I did not have to save the world and that my path is as valid as the next person’s.  I felt the relief of detaching from all the world’s problems and that I do not have to feel burdened by anyone else’s issues.

I craved fruit all day, I planned events I can look forward to, and set up my calendar to remind me of all the wonderful things I will be doing that bring me joy.  I took a step back from the problems I thought I had and that I had given all my power over to.  I even went for a jog!  Finally!  It was an excellent day.  I thank the Universe, and myself especially, for not giving up, even when I felt like I could no longer hang on to deal with the pain of this reality.  I thank all my angels, archangels, guides, and loved ones, here and on the other side of the veil.

This meditation was magical, as it showed me how closely love is surrounding me.  It also allowed me to see that my connection to the other side is even stronger than it was.  The veil is getting thinner for me and all my clair-senses are heightened.  It was revealed to me that my acceptance and joy of my “imagination” has increased my awareness to another level and that many people cannot even grasp what I have come to accept.  I have advanced and I am the only one who knows it, in this reality.

Many people will see me as crazy, others will try to diagnose me with some mental illness, and others with head injuries.  But I know who I am.  And I do not fit into any category.  Is that called an anomaly?  Yes.  It is also known as One who is peculiar, irregular, abnormal, or difficult to classify.  Ha.  From here on out, I will live as ME.  I AM, is all the rage.  I’ll go with that.  I know my peeps on the other side love me unconditionally and I no longer have to explain myself to the humankind.

Ahh, this is FREEDOM!


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I walk through life in a maze of contradictions and mountains of information all opposing itself.  How am I to make sense out of any of it?  Why is it that there is no truth?  Why does everyone search for the “truth?”

This so-called “truth” in any situation or story or reality is malleable, swaying like a warm piece of taffy being stretched in the wind, sticking to whatever it may bump into for a while until it melts off and goes swinging in another direction.  I guess the saying is real, that the only truth you can count on is that change is constant.

But how can I ever decide what is going to work, if I’m thrown conflicting bones always?  How do I create the skeleton of a dinosaur, when I’m being thrown chicken bones and dog bones and told to get to work with what’s available?

I guess the truth is what you decide to focus on and that can change any minute.  You can try on others’ truths and see how they fit, but there is never any truth that is going to feel comfortable other than your own.

But what if you aren’t sure of your own truth, that because it’s always changing so quickly and taking on the decorations of what others think is your truth, you can’t quite make out what feels right?

Confusion sets in and I can only sit still.  When will these clouds clear up?

Being changeable is supposed to make you well-rounded and flexible, but all it does is confuse me and make me unsure.

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Wolf Totem

Labeling myself a “Highly Sensitive Person,” puts me in the category of, what I would call, a highly charged vibration.  Now, we all want to get to this new, higher level of vibration to keep up with the changing environment, Earth, and Universe, not to mention, all the higher vibrational beings of light and love.  However, this can pose a bit of an uncomfortable sense that feels like a punch in the gut more often than not.

My brain appears to process much more information at a higher speed than is comfortable to the average person, making my reactions to overstimulation and over arousal seem outrageous or irrational to the average person (or, should I say, others who process less information).  And discovering that it’s really OK to know when to step out of highly stimulating situations or to allow myself time alone in nature or in meditation is an awesome concept.

My major totem, in Native American tradition is the wolf.  And perfectly so.  We are so closely related in mannerisms.  I find peace in nature.  I find joy and strength sitting quietly watching my surroundings while mostly becoming one with them and invisible to those who aren’t looking with their heart.  I take in everything around me and quietly process every detail, playing out current events going on around me in all possible outcomes according to my past experience and to those of the infinite future.  I hear/feel your thoughts and feelings and get confused at times.  I worry I might get bit again.  But I am a fierce follower of my beliefs.  I recognize the web of life and take only what I need and demand a general sense of order.  There is plenty of room for you to be what you want and believe what you want, but you can only enter my den with the highest respect for all and a spiritual attitude.  I find deepest peace and inspiration under the moon and stars.  Running gets you there faster.  I walk easily between the worlds and am never out of touch with the ancestors of the last 7 generations.  I see the young as fully capable and do my best to lead by example.  I can heal myself and others who come to me to be healed.

Wisdom comes from the heart and the gut, when I get stuck in my mind, I lose my footing.

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Channeled message during astral travel

I’m the eagle flying above the forest of the world. I have no agenda and I am free to wander the planet I am here and there and every where and I am an going non stop There is no other place I need to be I am going places without stop or why

I am leaving the heavens of the ground to enter the heavens of the sky and and I am taken away by the blue breezes and I have no where I need to be and I am just flowing ever freely and without concern and I am going on non stop

let’s take these wings from the ground and teach them to fly to the heights of the gods and know that there is no wrong and I am writing non stop and I keep going thru the blue I am one with god and I am seeing you through the infinite eyes of the universe

I am standing my ground and blowing through clouds and working to bring unity to the planet

I am blue and grey and I am listening without worrying and without blame or shame and I am flying higher than any sky has ever had any limits to and rising above the clouds and heading straight for those stars

I am blinded by the light of the star that passes by in an hurry and I am flying with the wings of a million angels and I am taken away to heavens of the blue world and I am taken to stars and breathing in the gas of love and infinite being and working non stop I am flying here and there and reaching the deepest mahogany and working quickly to connect to everything

I am wind and sky and blue and working to find you

(Channeled message from Samuel & astral travel, 3/30/12)

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All That Is

It’s been a while since I’ve added anything to this blog, but today I’m going to write out of annoyance.  I guess there are worse ways to take out your frustrations and I am human, after all, so I don’t have to be cheery all the time.

Here’s my question and frustration…even if it should be thought of as a spiritual and philosophical question, looked at from an objective view, however, I cannot fully remove myself from the situation, nor do I find it easy to remove myself from any situation around me, often taking most things that don’t belong to me at all, as personal and directly effecting me.  So anyway, why is it that humankind continuously searches for a god or a higher source outside of themselves?  Why do some of us seek spiritual, medical, and physical healers outside of ourselves, almost sometimes without stopping?  What is it that has drawn us away from our true selves as knowing ourselves as perfectly healthy, happy, and whole?  Why do some of us incessantly seek for more and more answers outside of our own truth?

Everything we seek is right here within.  Everything we want to know or feel or understand is accessible within our own soul, if we would just STOP!  Just stop for 10, 15, 60 minutes, whatever!  We wander around with our mouths in the coffee shops trying to fulfill a desire through a temporary soothing man made elixir, our eyes are in the retail stores always searching out the next new thing that will temporarily make us happy, and our faces glued to screens that constantly divert our attention from the core of our desires.  We get so wrapped up in our worries and fears that we become blind to the magic and miracles happening right around us.  We wait for some perfect time of happiness to arrive at and feel disappointed when the numbers of our ages start rising, yet we haven’t yet reached the place at which we think peace is.

But all we need is right here!  The fact that all your trillion cells are working in functioning order together so that you can read this is a miracle.  The way the sun sets among the clouds, leaving a jungle of purples and pinks in it’s wake has an answer you are seeking.  The power you call upon when you are in desperation, is the same as what resides within you at your core.  When the wind blows your hair in one direction, that’s a message from yourself picked up and created by All That Is.  Because you are a part of All That Is.  All That Is is in everything.

Taking the time to sit in silence and connecting to your All That Is is a practice.  I am still learning it and still finding myself frustrated when I cannot hear my own truth.  But I know it’s there.

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Following up on the last post of the two vivid dreams, I had a third, related to my teacher.  Again, it reached to the heights of profoundness in my memory of dreams.  It is one that I can still write about months later because its impact on me ran so deeply that it’s etched in my permanent memory.

There I was, meeting up with my teacher and one of her friends whom I did not recognize in the dream.  They had spent the day out capturing lots of photography when I ran into them.  My teacher was SO delighted with the amount of film she had used and the work she had done.  However, the mood rapidly changed as we were somehow informed that the photographs they had taken were not allowed, they were illegal or prohibited or something along those lines.  The reasoning behind this was never made clear to me, nor who was the one making this decision.

I began to get upset.  I started to feel slightly angry and distraught, because the implications were that the film was to be destroyed before we could ever get a glimpse into the magic of what had been captured.  I could not believe it!  It was as if someone had torn my heart out, knowing how much work and pride had gone into this project by my teacher.  I was devastated, as well, at the thought of the pain that would bring to her.  I did not want her to have to feel that.

To make the scenario even more intriguing, my teacher carried the large wad of film over to me, looked me in the eyes and told me directly that I was the one who would have to destroy it.  Unbelievable.  I felt flooded with dread and pure anguish that I just could not understand.  I desperately did not want to be the one responsible for bringing that kind of misery to someone.  But I was the one who had to tear open that protective packaging keeping the film safe and expose it to the light.  Wow, what powerful imagery this reflected from the reality of accelerated healing I was experiencing in the waking world.  It was understood that I would then be required to place the exposed film in a bucket of clear, still water.

I broke down into a sobbing pile of limp bones at the feet of my teacher, clinging tightly to her left leg in the hopes that she would not put that kind of responsibility upon me.  I felt unable to breathe.  She lovingly and reassuringly put one hand on my back, in a gesture that conveyed the sense that all would be OK.

Shortly after this, I found out my teacher received her MFA in photography and that she is a profound bringer of loving guidance to my life, as well as touching countless others.  I am blessed for this message I received and for having her in my reality, as well.

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Information Download

For the last two nights, I have been woken up at probably exactly at 4 am.  Yes, that is morning, but it’s not like I sit right up and say, “Yes, it’s 4 am!”  It’s more like I wake out of sleep and half realize there’s still no light coming from behind the curtains and my eyes refuse to stay open more than a few seconds to check that.  Basically, I lay there wondering why…what is with 4 am?  Usually it happens more frequently during PMS and I have a bit of a hot flash that wakes me in a sweat and I have to quickly take off some layers of clothing and blankets, only to find myself feeling chilled again within a few minutes.  Oh, sweet hormones, how I love thee.  😉

But the last two nights have been peculiar.  The first I was awakened by a dream, perhaps.  I cannot be sure, because this time many people were talking to me.  I could hear distinct conversations being spoken to me.  These were not just ordinary conversations.  These people were trying to converse with me.  They seemed slightly desperate.  They seemed to all be trying to talk over one another so they could get their urgent information heard .  And to make it a truly unique experience, the woman who is teaching a new class I have started on psychic development and spirit communication was also there in my dream.  She appears to be aiding me in listening to the spirits.

Last night, I was also stirred awake in the same way, but the teacher was more prominent.  She was asking me direct questions that were suppose to aid me in focusing on the information being passed to me.  However, all I remember feeling was that there was too much information being given to me and I could not make sense of it.  There were just too many voices.  I think I remember seeing the people who were trying to communicate with me, as well.

Despite all this vivid recall, these precious visions were probably no more than split seconds long and my consciousness could not retain any of the words spoken at all.  The memory is visual and feeling and hearing, but no words remain.  Even while I lay there wishing I could go back.  The stomach pain took over more of my consciousness and the hot flash, too.  Then I lay there for hours, not willing to get up and meditate with the spirits (as suggested to me, since that is the time of high activity) and unable to get back to sleep.

Doors are opening.  Slowly.

I did probably get another half an hour of sleep before my alarm went off and I vividly remember another dream that was kind of wacky and crazy.  I am going to visit some close friends in DC this week and so they were first in my dream.  My two closest friends were driving and they stopped the car at an intersection.  It was a tiny, tiny car, like a smart car.  They both got out and told me to drive to the movie theater, that it was only up the street, and they would meet me there.  I was confused, but OK.  It was a standard car and I had never driven standard, so I was all over the place with the thing, having trouble with clutch and break, etc.  I nearly slammed into a plow truck at a stop light.  Finally I managed to pull over at a restaurant, unable to find the place they said to go, I don’t think I could maneuver the car that far.  So, I got out and went to the bar and I knew a lot of the people working there.  The special part of this dream was the vampire near the end.  She was breathtaking and seriously ready to bite.  I have never dreamed of vampires before.  Exciting.

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2011 in Photos

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